First Biped Robot

I'd like to start off with the first robot I've ever built. This was way back in 2008.

Biped I've just started studying Automation and Robotics at Gdansk university of Technology. I decided to study that, after seeing a video of a robot called OmniZero.2 while still in high school. In the video - the robot created by Mr Takeshi Maeda was moving with such agility it was unbelievable for me. He clearly left all the competitors behind. For a technical high school student learning electronics, this was a huge feat. So I decided to give it a go and build something similar. The efforts can be seen on the left.

ControllerIt used 14 TowerPro SG-5010 servos, the frame was cut out of plexiglass. The design was completely in my head - I drew the parts that were supposed to be cut out in vector graphics. The servocontroller I also did by myself. The PCB was big and bulky. The ATmega16 was just enough to run 24 servos with the use of interrupts. Everything was so unprofessional - but it worked and made me feel good about it. After trying some simple control schemes(a simple walking gait) I abandoned the robot and sold the servos. I learned a lot of valuable things by doing the project. This prepared me for another one I'd be doing in the future.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.